About Us

This isn’t a page about any of the best online casinos, pokies or anything like that. This is a page devoted to tell you who we are, the authors of this page. Why you should follow our advice beforehand.

The truth is that we are passionate players of pokie games ourselves and that’s exactly how we can provide an up to date advice regarding any game or a casino brand. Same way, we always follow the latest games in the industry simply because we play them ourselves.

Our combined experience exceeds 20 years of being a part of the online gambling industry. We have seen it all – how the first casinos were getting off the ground, introduction of modern video pokies and finally, 3D pokies making their way online.

If you have any kind of a question or suggestions on how we could make this site more appealing and helpful to you, our player – contact us. We are always open to new ideas, games to add and just about anything else related to online gambling.


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