ELK Gaming Just Launched DJ Wild Pokie

dj-wild-slot-logoDJ Wild is a new title, from ELK Gaming. They are one of the smaller names in the world of online pokies, renowned for their dedication to making quality games on the mobile platform.

They are a Swedish company, with their headquarters in Stockholm. DJ Wild has an electronic dance music theme. The reels cover, all of the interface and it has several features that tell it apart from the masses.

What We Like

DJ Wild is a gorgeous game. You can tell it has been designed with the mobile platform in mind, as the reels cover all of the interface. This games has a sound track made specifically for it, by a DJ from Stockholm, called Fantasia.

This game does a great job of capturing the EDM spirit, but at the same time the music is laidback and neutral, so as to not antagonise ears of different taste. The game begins by showing an intro video, which takes you all around the world to popular EDM scenes.

It is a beautiful display of cinematic excellence, and you will question if a pokie game is even worthy of the production. We like that wins are played left to right and right to left, very few games do this.

But it turns, what was a ten payline game into a twenty payline game. If you think about it, there is more chance of winning a two way ten line payline game then there is of winning a twenty payline game. The great thing about this is that you are always winning, which is one of our favourite things to do.

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The DJ Wild, Sticky Wild feature, will forever hold a place in our hearts because on our very first spin, it won us over €5000. There are six variations of the Wild symbol, based on DJ visual effects.

The Wild symbol expands either vertically or horizontally dependant on the symbol. When you land a Wild symbol, the reels spin again and Wild Symbols are more likely to land on the reels. Because they expand, the reels very quickly fill with Wilds, and even the lowest symbol, will equate to a big win.

There is a DJ Wild Jackpot symbol that appears on the 3rd reel if there are Wilds on every other reel. It wins a massive €50,000 for the cause. This is a splendid amount of money, and we can’t help but appreciate a splendid amount of money.

DJ Wild has an automated betting strategy feature. The idea behind it being that, you will change your bet after every spin, why not have an intelligent system, which does it for and better than you. There are 4 different betting options and the option to manually select your bet. The betting strategies automatically change you bet dependent on the outcome of previous spins. There are four betting strategies.

Optimiser: will change the bet level automatically based on a percentage of the player’s balance.

Leveller: Raises bet two levels after five consecutive losses, and resets after a win.

Booster: Raises bet one level after a loss until reaching four levels above base bet, resets after a win.

Jumper: Raises bet one level.

What We Don’t Like

We don’t much like EDM, but that has nothing to do with the game. On the contrary they were forgiving in their choice of soundtrack and kept it relaxing and neutral.

Nothing to report on for this game. If we were to write something here, we would first have to go out of our way to look something bad, and that doesn’t sound like a fair review. We played the game for a few hours, had a good time and made some money.

Is this game worth playing

This is one of the best game we have ever played, and we are not just saying that because we won some money. It is a well-designed game with impressive features and game play.

The ability to win from both directions was a real stand out, as was, the Stick Wilds feature. We recommend this game to anyone and suggest you all go out of your way to play it.

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