IGT Just Launched Nordic Heroes Pokie

nordic-heroes-slot-logo (1)Nordic Heroes is a new game developed by IGT gaming. It is themed around the popular myths of the see fairing north men of Scandinavia. You take two characters Thora and Ragnar on quests through different realms to battle monsters and level up.

It is an interesting pokie, with a level and EX points. It is nice to see IGT doing something different. There are one of the forerunners of the online pokie industry, and have developed a lot of game. We expect a good game from them, but they are not immune from making the odd shocker.

What we like

Nordic Heroes has some of the most original gameplay going. IGT have put a lot of effort into building a level system, into the pokie. Battling and defeating monsters rewards XP points, which level up your characters. In Nordic Heroes, we noticed that because of the level system, the more you play the more you win.

An example of this is the Battle Bonus, it is where you win XP points and battle your monsters. This game mode will end when your character runs out of health or you defeat all three monsters. However is you do the later and send all those monsters to the pits of whatever hellish pit monster come from, you are rewarded victory spins.

The quicker you killed the monsters the more spins the game gives you. If the character you are using is a higher level, it will be easier to kill the monsters; therefor playing for longer is equal to bigger winnings.

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Nordic Heroes, also has a Mystery Multiplier Feature, which can pop onto the screen after any base game, as long as, that win does not trigger the Battle Bonus. The game takes you to a wheel of fortune style game. In which a range of values are used.

Once this wheel lands your win is multiplied by the amount shown, and there is up to a 30x multiplier. As a rule the higher your level, the more you will win. This is a great incentive and it kept us playing for a long time.

The game has great gameplay with high symbol values. There is also some big winning potential. The Wild Symbol pays 1500 credits for a five in a row win, with up to 30x multiplier, you can see this is lucrative game.

What we do not like

There is not much, we do not like about Nordic Heroes. We think that the graphics could be a little better, as it looks a little pixilated. However, it is playable, and considering all the information IGT had to fit on the interface, they have done well with the design.

The level system is a bit confusing and we gave up trying to understand it. If you level up good things happen, was the mentality we resorted to, when trying to make sense of it.

Is this game worth paying?

Nordic Heroes is worth playing. We think that you will enjoy trying to make sense of all the quirky console elements, in this game. It is a unique game with some great features and a great design.

If this wasn’t enough there is an impressive jackpot tucked away in this game, and some level dependent multiplier. It is fun killing monsters, and the longer you do it the more you win. It is hard to argue with that. We really like this game and would recommend it to anyone.

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