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NetEnt Just Launched Drive Multiplier Mayhem Pokie

drive-multiplier-mayhem-slot-logoDrive Multiplier Mayhem, is a new release by Net Entertainment. The game is expected to come out on the 23rd of February. It is themed around an underground street racing scene, which Net Ent created, in the shadow of a city. You will drag race sketchy characters, and live those fast and furious fantasies.

What We Like

As we have come to expect from NetEnt, this game is visually stunning. With the city backdrop and the moving background, it looks about as good as a slot game ever will. We like the Wild Multipliers. There are Wilds on every reel. The first reel has a regular Wild Symbol. It will substitute any symbol in a wining pay line. Things get interesting, when you get a Wild on the second reel. On this reel, your Wilds will multiply the play line 2x.

Moving along and the third reel has a 3x multiplier. And you beginning to see the pattern? The fourth reel has a 4x multiplier and the fifth a 5x. If you are lucky enough, to get two or more of these multipliers, in a single pay line, then they multiply each other. A multiplier in the 4th and 5th reels for instance would be a 20x multiplier.

This equates to some glorious winnings. The highest symbol in the first reel, and then a Multiplying Wild in every subsequent reel would win the player a massive 1200x stake. Which in this game is an impressive 90,000. You would have to be running on pure liquid luck to do it, but the potential is there.

Drive multiplier mayhem pokie screenshot

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The Free Spins Game is graphically outstanding. The cityscape is left for dust and in its place a rapidly moving road appears, on the dashboard and windscreen, now behind the reels. This is clearly a drag race. Next to you a swish looking car pulls ahead and falls behind as you spin your ten free spins. You win the race by landing three Scatter Symbols on the reels, which we forgot to mention, is also how you unlock the game mode.

You are awarded additional free spin multipliers on the reels. Remember there was only one multiplier per reel. If you are feeling inhumanely lucky, you could in theory, lay down an additional Multiplying Wild on every reel. We like that all the lower value symbols, the letter, have the same value. It simplifies the game and furthermore, ensures that the lowest symbol isn’t worthless.

What We Do Not Like

There is nothing we don’t like about this game. And we do not feel that we have the right to suggest that Net Ent do anything differently.

It would be like telling Leonardo De Vinci how to paint the Mona Lisa, or David Gilmore how to solo. We just do not have the right to critic, what is essentially art.

Is this game worth playing?

What you need to ask yourself, is are you worthy of this game. It is not a bad game at all. We will be playing this one when it comes out and we recommend you do the same.

Free play versions are available at some casinos, if you would like to try it out, before the fabled release date and get a sense of what we are on about. Nothing like winning a bunch of pretend money, to get you excited for the real thing.

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