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Playtech Just Launched Tiki Paradise Pokie

tiki paradise slot logoTiki Paradise is a new pokie, soon to be released by Playtech. It is a traditional 5×3 pokie, themed around Polynesian culture. Playtech have lined up a whole catalogue of release. They are pumping out quality games at the moment, but this should come as no surprise considering the history of the company.

Playtech are one of the more experienced pokie developers. Founded in 1999 and with over 400 games to their name, they have carved out a reputation as a developer that gets it done. All we can hope is that Tiki Paradise goes down as one of the greats.

What we like

We like that they have done more with the theme than dress totem dolls up in grass skirts. Polynesia has a rich culture of seafaring, and from all the boat related stuff in this pokie, we are guessing that is what they were hinting at.

Paylines are drawn across the reels with ropes, and it is a great looking animation, and the background of the pokie is all-dark and mysterious. It looks like a really well designed game. The graphics are up to Playtech’s usual standard and there are some great animations. Granted the only promotional material they have released is a short clip, so we have not seen too much.

We suspect that this will be a great pokie, because it has to compete with Net Entertainment’s Aloha Cluster Play. If you are feeling the island vibes, it is also a great pokie. This will be a battle to the death, over which of these industry giants dominates the Pacific.

tiki paradise slot screenshot big


There is a wild-based feature, and they are calling it the Win Shuffle. We are not 100 percent certain how it works but from the looks of it when a stacked wild lands in the middle reels the symbols are shuffled around to make wins.

Again, this is all speculation, and if the game comes out and it is nothing like we described at least we tried. It looks like a interesting feature, and we can’t wait to see how it actually work. We predict there will also be a free spins game because, Playtech are old fashioned like that. All of their recent games have free spins features, but this is now well into the realm of guessing.

Something we do know is that this game will have 20 paylines. Without the symbol values and the RTP it is difficult to tell what effect this will have on gameplay, but Playtech have a lot of experience with the 20 payline pokie, and on a 5×3 game that is not bad, at all.

What we don’t like

It is too early to say what we do not like, but there are a few things that we could potentially not like. The promotional video only showed one feature, the Win Shuffle. We hope that we mean more to Playtech than just one little feature and they throw something else in.

We do not want to comment on anything else until we know more. We hate the secrecy that these people work in, and with that they would tell us more about their upcoming games.

Is this game worth playing?

This game is surely worth investigating. It looks like it could potentially be a great pokie, with the Win Shuffle feature. The theme is a nice change from what we have come to expect from Polynesian themes. We will be at least trying this game, and advise you to do the same. It looks like a promising title, from the good people at Playtech.

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