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Fortunes of the Amazons Review

Software: Cryptologic Bonus Game: No Scatter Symbol: Yes
Reels: 5 Progressive Jackpots: No Wild Symbol: Yes
PayLines: 25 Min Bet: $0.01 Bonus Symbol: Yes
Free Spins: Yes Max Bet: $125 Overall Rating:

Fortunes of the Amazons

Finding a new and exciting casino game is often a trial and error process, as many mediocre quality games exist. Either their payouts are too small, or their spin bets are too much, chances are you will have a difficult time in finding the right slot machine game for you.

Finding a online slot machine game that can hold your interest, as well as keep you playing, is often a task that is never fulfilled. Hope does exist, however, and it comes in the form of Fortunes of the Amazons, a exciting game developed by Amaya Gaming. This game reigns supreme over many, with few games even coming close to its replay value and its cool features.

This is for several reasons, reasons which will be explained in this article. For those wanting to play this game, but don’t know much about it, this is a Fortunes of the Amazons Slot Machine game review, so that they learn more about this exciting and cool game!

What Is The Theme Of The Game?

The plot of the slot machine game is to find your fortune, taking it from a group of female Amazon Warriors that hold the treasure. Right away the player is intrigued, as it features a backstory that is totally absent from most slot machine games.

One of the game’s strongest selling points is its theme, as it is very original in its take on slot machine games. The theme is very ancient and medieval, showing spin items like arrows, warriors, as well as many other things.

These loadouts have their own value outputs, which mixes up the features of the game. It is a rather different, as well as unique, approach to slot machine games, which is hardly a thing that can be said about the other slot machine games offered online.

How Do You Play?

Playing this game is very simple, much simpler than the other casino slot games out there. The interface is similar to other casino games, but it is sleeker and more clear, a colorful display that is easy for those who have never even played an online slot machine game. You start out with 2500, and you have the option to bet a variety of amounts.

You can change the credit value, to get a higher payout, but you are also in the process of losing more if you don’t get a good spin. The range of value for betting is 50-250, added by 50 for every payout (50-100-150-200-250). The highest payout results in either 5 “Wilds” being spun, or 5 “Fortunes of the Amazons” being spun, which is the value of 2500 for each.

So, in speaking, one will find that they can earn their starting amount right back with one lucky spin! Free spins can also be spun on, as well as bonus spins can be won too. For more information on what each symbol means, as well as direct payouts for them, check out here: for more particulars.


Where Can You Play It?

Another great thing about Fortunes of the Amazons Slot Machine is that it is offered at many places. Some places have had this game as the most frequented game on their site.

However, one should definitely look into Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise when they are choosing to play, as these casinos are the best to be found online. A bonus of $/£200 is offered by both sites for new players just joining, and both of these company sites are regulated and verified to the full extent.

There are promotions always available to the player, and there are a variety of games offered, including Fortunes of the Amazons Slot Machine. Both sites also fantastic support systems, in order to solve any customer problems that may be interrupting their game play.

In Summary

In conclusion, this slot machine game is one of a kind. With a simple, but unique, display, as well as a intriguing theme, it is definitely one of the better slot machine games you will encounter.

It is very fun and entertaining, providing hours of fun for many. If you think you have luck on your side, and you are looking for a slot machine game that differs from all the rest, for all the right reasons, Fortunes of the Amazons might just be the perfect slot machine game for you. Look into playing this game today, to get a new approach to the slot machine game genre.

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