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Incinerator Review

Software: Yggdrasil Bonus Game: No Scatter Symbol: Yes
Reels: 5 Progressive Jackpots: No Wild Symbol: Yes
PayLines: 20 Min Bet: $0.20 Bonus Symbol: No
Free Spins: Yes Max Bet: $40 Overall Rating:



On a dystopian planet, in the far reaches of space, the rubbish has piled up. The player must pilot this giant incinerator to clean up a planet. It is buried deep in the planets core, working tirelessly to incinerate the endless trash.

This is an exceptional theme that allows the players mind to wonder and create little stories around the space incinerator. More importantly, this theme justifies the repetitive gameplay of a pokie. Not that there is anything wrong with the repetitive gameplay, it is just great to have a theme that explains why the player is trying to make paylines.


Incinerator was developed by Yggdrasil Gaming. They are a Maltese pokie developer, who are quite new on the scene. The released their first game in 2013, and have been churning out steady titles ever since. The company is doing well for itself, they are gaining traction.


Incinerator look like what one would expect a giant space incinerator to look like. It has a metallic, industrial appearance, with looks of sharp edges. It has dark colour scheme, offset by the bright and colourful symbols. It is a five reel, cascading pokie.

In a cascading pokie, symbols fall down from the top of the reels, and rest on one another. When a payline is created, the symbols the make It up combust, into an orange explosion. This leave an empty space on the reels. All the symbols shuffle down and new symbols fall to fill the gaps.

Orange screen is on the left side, it’s the Wild Pattern feature, read more about it in sections below. The panel is located at the bottom of the interface, and conforms to the overarching industrial design. It is a simplistic panel, and neatly contains all the game’s controls.

How to Play

The reels cascade when the player presses the Spin Button, starting the incinerator. There are 20 paylines in this game. And they are played left to right, meaning the first symbol in a winning line has to be in the furthermost left reel.

As it is a cascading pokie, the player can win more than once per spin. The new symbols, can drop down and create additional paylines. Bets can be adjusted anytime the reels are stationary. For more information about, bets, paylines and symbol value the player should press the Info Button to bring up the relevant information.

Special Features

Incinerator has a Wild Pattern feature, it is a little difficult to explain but here it goes. See the Wild Pattern screen on the left of the reels, every spin that will show a pattern, in the gridline. The grid lines corresponded to locations on the reels.

The pattern is triggered by winning three times in a single spin, which is of course made possible by the cascading reels. Once the pattern is triggered, all of the symbols that fall within the pattern, outlined on the Wild Pattern screen, are converted to Wilds. Wilds will substitute any symbol to make the highest value payline, available.

There are sixteen patterns arranged into two group of eight. When the player wins three times in a spin the unlock one of the first patterns. If they manage to win another three times, in that same spin, they unlock one of the second patterns. The second patterns have more wilds, and they are placed better, from the player’s perspective.

Maximum Payout

A cascading pokie, is not going to have a fixed amount that a player can win, because it could in theory go on for ever. The highest value symbol wins 200 credits. At the highest coin value that is €2000, but even winning this, would potentially set the player up to win again, by removing symbols.


Incinerator has a great themes. Exploding symbols when the player makes paylines, with a giant space incinerator, works really well, for a cascading pokie The Wild Patterns feature is an original feature and an addition to this pokie. This is a great title by Yggdrasil Gaming.

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