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King Kong Island of Skull Mountain Review

Software: Cryptologic Bonus Game: Yes Scatter Symbol: Yes
Reels: 5 Progressive Jackpots: No Wild Symbol: Yes
PayLines: 243 Min Bet: $0.01 Bonus Symbol: Yes
Free Spins: Yes Max Bet: $150 Overall Rating:

King Kong Island of Skull Mountain

King Kong is a legend. A house hold name for longer than most of our lifetimes, he still evokes a particular image when we think of him. The story, recently retold in the blockbuster King Kong film of the same name, revolves around a group of adventurers and explorers stumbling onto the island where Kong is King.

Theme of the Game

Based on the story which inspired the movies, the imagery from the game fits perfectly with an island themed machine. The ten through ace slots are written in hard, broken and weathered stone, while each character looks just as you would imagine.

At first glance, King Kong himself does not appear to be larger than the other characters portrayed, but once you take a closer look you see he is screaming with his head above the tallest trees on the island. For fans of the King Kong universe, this is true fan service.

How to Play

The typical slot machine information is easily displayed on the screen with current value of your bet .01 to .25 adjusted with arrows, a credits area showing your current bank, a bet display showing the total of your bet, and a win display which shows the most current win.

Buttons allow you to quickly switch the credits per spin from 25 to 125 in 25 credit increments. A sleek button is used to spin and auto-spin is connected to it which allows up to 100 spins in a row. The current version even shows a quick results print out as well as a balance and wagered amount reducing the amount of math you need to do.

Special Features

Secret doors open once spun which can be any symbol on the machine. With a “King Kong” wild, this can lead to some pretty frequent and huge payouts. The symbols range from 10 – A with four characters leading up to King Kong as the big payout.

There are 243 ways to win ranging from 2 of a kind to 5 of a kind and with the secret doors always containing the same symbol, this can lead to some big pots more frequently than many other machines. No mini-games are to be found though, which is a bit of a letdown in my opinion. Especially considering the source material.

Maximum Payout

With 243 lines, the payout can reach a max of 50,000 coins. In my time playing, I never got close to that size of a win, but I did get plenty of bigger wins.


While I enjoy the slot machine – that joy comes mainly from the games theme and less from the mechanics. I prefer the slots that give big exciting flashes with mini-games and free spins.

That isn’t included here unfortunately, instead this is a modernized version of an old school machine. With that said, I generally lose my shirt on the bigger machines with all the flash and fun, while this one consistently kept me going and at least staying fairly even on my balance.

My biggest complaint, and this is very nitpicky – is that the number “four” looks an awful lot like the number “one” so I’ll have to check the winning display on big wins instead of just looking at the number as it is displayed in all its glory on the screen. After a few minutes you get past that as there is a clear difference, but in the moment you don’t know if you just tripled your bet or just went even.

I do enjoy these simpler machines as they often offer a fair win rate for the investment. The lack of a “max bet” button is a bit of a disappointment, but nothing more than a few button presses are required to set it. Sacrificing flash for functionality is not a bad thing, it is just a little disappointing when you think of what could be done with the source material. (While demoing the slots while writing this article I just hit a 48,000 coin win).

That brings up another point. There was no excitement to the win. Just a big number, BIG WIN displayed on the screen and some coins. Nothing flashy. That isn’t a huge knock on the game – just an observation.

Where Can You Find It?

I prefer Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise as the main two casinos to play as they offer a $200 or £200 as a welcome bonus for new layers. You can also find it at Lime Casino, Wil-Reels, Slot Center, Real Money Slots and a wide variety of other online casinos as well.

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