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See the Wonders of the Far East with Great 88 Pokie

great-88-slot-logoDoes the modern day, boring world drag you down? Are you looking to immerse yourself in something different, and maybe net yourself a nice profit along the way?

Great 88 tries to give you exactly that, immersing you in ancient symbols of the old Chinese empire, and wrapping them in an interesting pokie full of specials and surprises that will have you jumping up and down from joy if they all pan out in your favour.

Hold on to your red dragon – he’s a keeper on the reel!

What We Love

The different symbols and cultures of the Far East are hardly ever explored, and any new look into such is something we can get behind.

The game embraces the look and feel of it in entirely – the background being a starry night above a lit up pagoda, with a trail of stone steps leading down to a small pond, all lit up by lamps, while cherry trees and tall mountains make the world seem all the prettier from a distance.

The central presentation is equally as gorgeous. A mixture of red and green overtake everything on the screen. The music is soothing and calm, turning up and activating slightly each time you spin it – changing slightly with each spin.



If the effects are too much or you’re playing on an old computer, Betsoft’s newest creation allows you to adjust the graphical fidelity of it’s effects in the settings, or allowing you to outright turn them off entirely – a commendable thing that should definitely be a standard for all games.

The existence of the Double Up mechanic can make a win even more so a one. Provided you get lucky and win the coin toss, you can double your existing winnings – or lose them all! Alternatively, the game allows you to only bet 50% of your existing win instead, if that’s too much of a risk for you.

What We Do Not Like

While getting the bonus from the Lucky Boxes is great, the fact you do not have a choice in what bonus you get is not so much. You are at the mercy of the game to see what you get for it. While it’s not an such a big deal, sometimes you want a multiplier instead of free rounds. Giving the player a choice here would have suited the game better.

At the same time, the fact you cannot get any more lucky boxes during free spins feels a bit odd. With how unlikely winning three lucky boxes on a reel is to begin with, the restriction seems off putting.

Worth Playing?

Whereas the visual style and a great range of options speak a lot in the game’s favour, the Lucky Box system could use a bit of work, especially when real money is on the line. A nicer solution would have been to let the player maybe pick between several different bonuses.

That would have felt better than relying on sheer luck on what you get. While Great 88 is by no means a bad game, the low payouts and randomness of Lucky Boxes make me err on the side of caution, so we have to ask you to try it out first before giving it a go. You may end up liking it, but it is better to try it first and see.

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