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WMS Just Launched Monopoly Once Around Deluxe Pokie

monopoly-once-around-deluxe-slot-logoMonopoly Once Around Deluxe, is a pokies game developed by WMS Gaming, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scientific Games Corporation, huuuummm, business stuff. The company is accredited with major innovations in all things pokies and they were one of the first company to cater to immerging demographics, playing pokies.

Traditionally the stereotype for a pokies player, was an elderly house wife drowning in gin and tonic. This was because no one had bothered to market pokies to anyone else. Men played cards and roulette, because they were trendy. The symbols used were always fruit or card suits, pokies weren’t very cool. WMS Gaming brought out some of the first games themed around popular culture and video games. They are continuing to do so, with a pokies game based around a Monopoly board game.

What we like.

It is a nice concept, and we love a good concept. They are not the first company to try their hand at developing a monopoly pokies game, but as far as we can tell including a monopoly board as a bonus game is a first. The game looks nice. There is a London back drop, the symbols are nice and the interface is all very pretty and shiny.

There is a very low minimum bet, this is great when first trying out the pokies game and just if you don’t feel like betting a lot. Great use of the theme. You can buy houses and hotels and place them on properties in the bonus game. Chance, community chest, free parking and the utilities all have special features, when you land on them.
Monopoly Once Around Deluxe screen

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What we do not like.

The game is a bit of a rip. The player payback percentage is day light robbery, at an absolutely shocking 92.03% and if you bet more money the good people at WMS are kind enough to bump it up to a dismal 94%. This might not seem like to big a deal, the difference between 92% and a common 96% is only 2%. But with £100 this equates to approximately 60% more spins.

That is an awful lot more spins for your money and that is without factoring what you could win with double the amount of spins. This game will chew through your bank roll. The bonus game is only profitable if you are extremely lucky, and buying a house or hotel has next to no benefit. The Jackpot for landing five monopoly man symbols in a row is 200 credits, which is not that bad.

What is bad is that the next most valuable symbols are the chance and community chest scatters worth only 30 credits and after that is the shoe at 7 credits. This game has no bonus features about from the board game and only 15 pay lines. To summarize we do not like this game because it takes all of our money and give us no opportunity to win it back.

Should you play this game?

If you have read this far, you should know what our answer is for this. We cannot recommend this game because while it looks nice and is a great concept, it is poorly executed has a rubbish player payback percentage minimal features and will suck you dry. These are opinions, take them with a pinch of salt. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Our word is not gospel, but it is well informed. You might love this game, all we are saying is that we did not.

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