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Yggdrasil Just Launched Incinerator Pokie

is new pokie from Yggdrasil Gaming. It is set on a planet, devastated and in ruin as rubbish has piled up crushing whatever civilisation lived there.

All that is left is an incinerator that work tirelessly deep in the planets core. Yggdrasil Gaming is a relatively new company. They only released their first game in 2013. But since then they have been doing a lot to make up ground on their bigger, more experienced competitors.

What we like about Yggdrasil Gaming and this game in particular is they are not afraid to get a bit funky with their games and try something out there. It does not always pay off, but is good to see a new company trying to differentiate themselves.

What We Like

Incinerator has a fantastic theme. It is just a proper clever concept, especially for a cascading pokie. The incinerator is incinerating the symbols, which are the planet’s rubbish, in big round orange explosions. We think it is genius that Yggdrasil have found a way to incorporate the repetitive gameplay of a pokie game into a theme, and explain it in such an out there way.

We like that it is a really pretty pokie. It is not a conventional beauty, like a butterfly or a rainbow. Incinerator, has an industrial beauty, and a metallic, mechanical appearance. It is a design with, lots of sharp edges and squares, but it all comes together and looks really nice.

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The darker colour scheme, for example, is offset by the bright colours of the symbols. We like the Wild Pattern feature. It is hard to explain, exactly how this work , and the only way to properly understand it is by playing the game, but we are going to give it our best go. Ok, to the left of the reels there is an orange screen. It has a rectangle with grid lines inside of it. If you take the time to count the gridlines, and the boxes they make, you will realise there is a box for every single space on the reels.

This is because each one of these gridline boxes, corresponds to a location on the reels. The Wild Pattern is unlocked by winning three times in a single spin, which is made possible by the cascading reels. When you achieve this all of the symbols that fall within the Wild Pattern, outlined on the screen, will be replaced with Wilds Symbols. It is a nifty feature, and guarantees some big wins.

What’s more, is that if you manage make an additional three paylines in the same spin, or six paylines in a spin, you trigger a Wild Pattern from the second group. There are two groups of Wild Patterns, each group has eight patterns and there are sixteen patterns all together. The second group has more Wilds and they are positions more favourable to big wins.

What We Don’t Like

Cascading pokies, are a nice change to the traditional fixed reels variety, which we all know and love. But they almost always have low value symbol. Incinerator is no exception. It takes several wins per spin to even with anything except the highest value symbols.

It is a different style of play, and it is important to remember that big wins are as much about a long spin, sustained by lots of little wins, as they are high value symbols. The game is a bit lacking in the features department. It would be nice had Yggdrasil include a free spin or ten.

Is this game worth playing?

This is one of the best cascading pokies we have ever played. It has an amazing theme, and a beautiful design. And as you can probably guess, we recommend you play this one. It does not have the big winning potential that other games boast, but it is a quality pokie.

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